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We now offer all day DimSum Monday thru Friday!

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  Celebrating 17 years.  Phoenix Chinese Restaurant opened in May 1996, renowned by locals as well as world travelers.
At Phoenix, we serve authentic Hong Kong style Dim Sum hand crafted from our own kitchen.   Phoenix Chinese Restaurant believes that quality  is the keystone of a great meal.  Our menu offers culinary creations of authentic Hong Kong style cooking using only the best and freshest ingredients.  Amongst the dishes to tempt are the famous signature two course Peking Duck carved and wrapped table side, as well as the live seafood displayed in the tanks which can be prepared to your liking.

  Fully accommodating for public and private dining. Phoenix is the ideal location for your next event from intimate one-on-one dinners to weddings, birthdays or company functions.  Phoenix will do their absolute best to make your visit an unforgettable experience. 
  Our experienced staff provides the utmost professional service and care. Please inform your server of any food allergies and we will try our best to accommodate. For those with a gluten allergy we offer many stir fry dishes using tamari instead of soy sauce.The main dining area on the second floor overlooking the city skyline seats up to 150 guests. A large banquet facility popular for weddings can seat up to 350 guests as well as 3 smaller private rooms which can accommodate anywhere from 14 to 80 guests.

Introduction Dimsum: In the Canton provinces, many people gather at tea houses during the morning and early afternoon to socialize or conduct business over small meals. In China this is most popularly called going to yum cha – going to tea – because the drinking of tea is so strongly associated with the snack foods served. In the United States, however, we are most familiar with the term dim sum to describe these small meals. Dim sum, literally translated from the Cantonese, means “dot-hearts”, small treats that touch the heart.

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We now offer dim sum for dinner Monday thru Friday.